Sauna Heaters

sauna All homes nowadays include a sauna and that happens because sweating became a necessary routine that helps your body get rid of all the toxins. The basic element of a sauna is the sauna heater and there’s no secret that the technology surrounding it evolved a lot in the last couple hundred of years. Nowadays everybody is working very hard and when a horrible hard day is over a sauna will simply do wonders with your body. The sauna helps you forget all about stress and pain and a large number of people all over the planet are well aware of that.

Back to the sauna heaters, you should know that they are the elements responsible with the temperature in your sauna. In order to make sure that you’ve chosen the right one you’ll have to check out all types of sauna heaters available on the market.

The oldest ones are the heaters that use gas, wood or oil. Their mechanism is pretty basic: fuel burns heating the water and this makes a lot of steam that will fill in the sauna. These days this type of combustibles are considered to be very expensive not to mention that a sauna like this will also require a special vent for the fumes. This type of sauna is used mainly in regions where the wood is very cheap.

Today, the most common and affordable option is represented by the electric heaters. People use them everywhere and their popularity is probably the highest compared to the other versions.

Last but not least we have the infrared sauna heater that heats the sauna using the infrared waves. The main benefit of this type of sauna is that the energy requirement is minimal while the number of benefits provided is very large.

To sum up all the above I can say that there’s no such thins as the perfect sauna. The best sauna for you is the one that suits your body best so… take your time and weight your alternatives and in the end you’ll see which version wins the competition.

Photo credit: chadmiller on Flickr

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